Current and future impact of COVID-19 on the Australian commercial real estate industry
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Data-driven market reflection and professional insights
Immediate and future outlook
Role of technology for agility and business performance

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We invite you to watch this webinar where experts unlock insights and offer tangible advice for landlords, property managers and professionals. 

  • Taryn Mackenzie - Macquarie | National Head Client Acquisition - Property at Macquarie Group
  • Paul Edwards - Mirvac | General Manager of Workplace Experiences and Office & Industrial business technology
  • Darren Krakowiak - CRE Success | Founder
  • Tom Wallace - Re-Leased | CEO and Founder

About this webinar

  1. Data-driven AUS CRE Market Reflection and Expert Advice | Using the live COVID-19 rent collection data and trend analysis provided by Re-Leased, our panellists dive into the impact coronavirus continues to have on the Commercial Property Markets — by asset class and tenant profile. Our experts highlight what works well, and what should be avoided from the perspective of a professional property organisation, as well as best practices as Australia eases lockdown.

  2. Immediate and Future Outlook | Using data-based evidence and early-month statistical indicators, the panel will discuss their predictions in the lead up to the EOFY and business implications. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated trends that were surfacing in the real estate industry — the panellists explore these across retail, office and industrial, and discuss the impact they will have on the commercial property market in the years to come.

  3. Importance of Technology During COVID-19 and Beyond | Coronavirus has been the catalyst for change in how businesses perceive and utilise technology and data in the workplace. No longer is a technology strategy optional; it has become a necessity to continue operating and adapting for success. Our panellists discuss how the right set of technology tools have empowered property professionals to run effectively and efficiently during this time.





Guest Speaker

Taryn Mackenzie | Macquarie
National Head Client Acquisition - Property at Macquarie Group

Taryn has been a regular property market presenter across Australia and pays particular attention to areas outside of major metro cities. Taryn has been at Macquarie Bank for over 10 years and is now leading a commercial debt book in excess of $1.5BN. Prior to joining Macquarie, she was at ANZ Institutional Property where she worked on over 80 residential and commercial development projects.

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Guest Speaker

Paul Edwards | Mirvac
General Manager of Workplace Experiences.
Strategy for the Mirvac Office & Industrial business including technology.

Mirvac is a world-class Australian property group with award winning developments across the residential, retail, office & industrial and build to rent sectors. Paul is responsible for defining the future of workplace including attributes such as Place, SMART, Design, Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing, and Brand. Paul set the new group workplace strategy and smart technology strategy, developing a knowledge bank for the team on the future of workplace and then using this to help improve new and existing development projects and assets. 



Guest Speaker

Darren Krakowiak | CRE Success

After 19 years in commercial real estate in Australia and Korea, Darren Krakowiak founded CRE Success to help people working in commercial real estate (CRE) achieve success more quickly and to facilitate leadership development in the sector. Darren has a broad and deep understanding of the industry acquired from a variety of leadership roles, including Managing Director and Country Representative at CBRE Korea and numerous department head roles at JLL in Australia and Korea.



Guest Speaker

Tom Wallace | Re-Leased  
CEO and Founder

Tom Wallace is Founder and CEO of Re-Leased, the property management software company that helps thousands of owners and property managers across the world run their property business in the cloud. The company was founded in New Zealand in 2012, and has since expanded to Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. With a focus on mobile-first development, automation, and data insights, Re-Leased’s vision is to deliver cutting-edge technology benefits to the property management industry internationally.