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Commercial & Industrial Property:
Asset valuation trends & financing considerations


Join highly experienced industry professionals as we delve into current property & economic trends, and explore what this means for lending & risk appetite.

circletick-2 Scott Keck, Chairman Charter Keck Cramer

circletick-2 Darren Kerr, State Director, Property Vic/Tas at ANZ Commercial Banking

circletick-2 Danny Armstrong, Director Banking & International Business at SW Accountants and Advisors

The panel will uncover:

1. Recent movements in the Commercial & Industrial space. How recent movements in commercial & industrial property sector have affected valuations and demand.

2. Impact of the economy on lending. In light of inflation & interest rates, Darren will talk through the economic outlook for property and the resulting impact on risk appetite and lending parameters.

3. Financing options. Danny will discuss how SW is working with clients to navigate financing options and structures.

4. Round table discussion. Ask Scott, Darren & Danny questions about their experience and what you can do to work through issues you may be encountering.

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19th July @10.00am AEST

Our expert panel will cover:

Recent movements in the Commercial & Industrial space.

How have the recent changes impacted on asset valuations and demands.

Scott will take you through a brief background on the past few years and what to expect moving forward

Current economic climate & impact on lending

Currently the economic market is going through a large amount of turbulence. 

Darren will cut through the noise and provide a succinct update, whilst sharing knowledge on the lending & risk side.


Current financing options: 

With the current climate, it is imperative to tread carefully.

Danny will provide a clear understanding on what he and the SW team are recommending to their clients.

Featuring speakers from:

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Scott Keck-1

Scott Keck

Chairman at Charter Keck Cramer

Scott has over 50 years property valuation and commercial real estate experience across the national markets. As an experienced independent practitioner, Scott provides specialist strategic and mediation consulting. Scott has been involved in numerous property projects and valuations, from specialist portfolio strategies & interpretations, to advising on major city office relocations & leasing's.


Darren Kerr

State Director, Property Vic/Tas at ANZ Commercial Banking

Darren has been a Property Finance Specialist for 28 years with geographic experience across a range of Australian states & territories. He currently leads the Vic/Tas Specialist Property Finance team at ANZ with relationship management, development and investment finance responsibility across Residential, Industrial, Office, Retail and Accommodation Hotel assets.

Danny Armstrong website

Danny Armstrong

Director Banking & International Business at SW Accountants and Advisors

Danny's career spans over 35 years and a number of senior roles in financial services, including living and working in Asia for 10 years where he established CBA in Vietnam and later NAB in Shanghai. He is a Director with SW Corporate Finance across APAC on financing options and investors or prospective partners, and works with exporters on market approach, business structure and setup, due diligence and  optimising their trade structures to ensure they get paid.