On-Demand Webinar:
The SILC Group Property Summit - Presented by Re-Leased

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Current Developer Trends

Current Developer Trends - Panel Discussion

Featured Panelists: Donna Chen, Steve Yang and Samara Lovekin

The panel will delve into the market as they have experienced it over the last 18 months, highlighting trends and challenges faced as well as any technology that has played a role in growth.



Alternative Funding Solutions for Property Sponsors

 Featured speaker: Koby Jones

The combination of uncertainty surrounding the property market, rising construction costs and tightening lending regulations has resulted in reliable funding sources being more important than ever before.

Join Koby as he outlines the need to seek alternative funding solutions is a necessity for property participants moving forward. He will also go through how this can assist in future growth and help mitigate any potential capital risks.



The Melbourne Apartment Market Update & Outlook

Featured speaker - Richard Temlett

Join Richard as he provides you update on the Melbourne apartment market. You will learn all about the current risks & opportunities that are present in that space currently.



Builders Insolvancy Risk

Featured speakers from EY: Sheranga Fernando, Sam Freeman & Stewart McCallum

The Australian building industry is facing a time of great stress and challenges, with rising costs, supply chain disruptions and staff shortages affecting many.

Join Sheranga, Sam & Stewart as they discuss what this means for the counterparties such as financiers and developers, including risk mitigation at the front end through contractual protections and the practicalities of being involved in projects with a builder in financial distress or administration.