The Power of Information Mobility in Commercial Property Management.MobilityEBook2

A mobile strategy increases workplace productivity by 34-60% and strengthens client relationships.

Learn how landlords and property managers are reaching new heights with a well thought out workplace mobility strategy and gain insights on how to plan yours.
In this eBook, we uncover everything you need to know about how mobile apps are changing the game, and what you can do to put your business's best foot forward.


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Why is on-demand access to information imperative today?

In this section, we highlight what you need to know about making your workplace mobile.


How does mobile technology elevate the tenant and client experience?

Learn how mobile apps and cloud-based technology helps commercial and mixed property professionals offer a better, more polished service.


How commercial landlords and property professionals are reaching new heights with mobile applications

This chapter dives into how mobile apps and modern software is helping to grow portfolios, reduce time spent on admin tasks and ultimately drive revenue for commercial landlords and agents. 


How the future of information mobility will affect commercial real estate + how to implement a mobile strategy

In the final two chapters, we walk you through the future of mobile apps, how their rise will enhance commercial real estate and how property businesses should adopt a mobile app strategy.