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Actionable strategies for commercial property managers to reduce stress and burnout over the holiday period.

Watch the Replay

Watch the Replay

About this webinar

Wendy Thomson lives and breathes commercial property. She joins us as a professional property consultant from her business WendyWho.

With many rapidly changing industry dynamics due to COVID-19, unprecedented pressures have been placed on property management firms and landlords. In this webinar for commercial property professionals, managers and landlords, we dive into Wendy's top 5 tips for ensuring a smooth transition into the holiday season, covering:

  • How to guarantee efficient tenant communication to reduce dependencies and enquiries
  • Streamlining processes for systems management, invoicing and lowering arrears into the new year
  • Identifying potential landlord and tenant risks over this time period and how to mitigate these

With insights into best practice for tackling the new year.



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Wendy Thomson | WendyWho
Commercial Property Consultant | Licensed Real Estate Agent

Wendy Thomson is the professional of choice when it comes to commercial property consultancy. Knowing the industry inside and out, Wendy lives and breathes commercial property. Highly regarded as a leader in this specialised field, Wendy has developed an extensive and varied clientele base and is unwavering in her daily commitment to consistently deliver positive outcomes.



Joanne Patamisi | Re-Leased Software 
Global Head of Professional Services

Jo Patamisi has over 12 years of experience as Head of Property Management firms, before transitioning to training and professional services. Through this experience Jo has gained a great passion and knowledge for all things real estate, as well as customer engagement — leading the global professional services team at Re-Leased to successfully implement over 950 customers. 

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Sherif Hassan | Re-Leased Software 
APAC Client Director and PropTech Consultant

Sherif Hassan is Asia Pacific Director for Re-Leased and a PropTech specialist in the commercial property sector. Sherif has deployed tech suites to some of the largest property management companies and landlords across APAC.