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Data to decisions: Unlocking your most valuable asset

Why technology and data are vital for the recovery and growth of the commercial real estate sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and how to turn data into smart decisions.

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About this webinar

Watch the webinar replay on how data can help the property industry adapt and grow. Our panellists include:

  • Henry Chin - CBRE | Global Head of Investor Thought Leadership / Head of Research Asia Pacific
  • John Sears - Cushman & Wakefield | Head of Research, Australia
  • Tom Wallace - Re-Leased and CREDIA | Founder and CEO

With moderator:

  • Sean Ellison - RICS | Senior Economist

The events of 2020 have proven disruptive right across the real estate industry. Data and technology are now more important than ever for understanding changing industry trends and business performance. We talk to industry leaders to understand how they are using data and technology to manage, protect and grow their company, as well as key trends surfacing from data-led market insights.

Our expert panellists cover:

1. The renewed importance of data and technology 

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in uncertainty and volatility across commercial real estate, forcing landlords and agents to respond rapidly. This has emphasised the importance of knowing your key business metrics and how you compare to the wider market. Our panellists will discuss how the role of data and technology has evolved in the real estate industry and the overarching data-led trends they have seen following the COVID-19 crisis. 

2. How to successfully use data and technology

The number of real estate businesses adopting new technology and using data to manage their businesses has been rapidly growing following the COVID-19 crisis. Our panellists have developed successful careers grounded in their ability to use data and technology to inform the market and their businesses, and drive smart decision-making. 

Panellists will speak to the insights that can be drawn from data to mitigate risk and create value where their rivals have not.  

3. The role of data and technology in managing COVID-19 recovery and driving long-term business growth beyond the pandemic

Keeping your finger on the pulse has never been more important. We will walk through the key metrics panellists believe are important for commercial real estate, as well discussing their different experiences of the COVID-19 crisis.

The panellists will cast their own long-term predictions for the industry and share how data and technology will enable them to be best positioned to capitalise on the evolving environment.



Expert Panel:


Henry Chin | CBRE
Global Head of Investor Thought Leadership / Head of Research Asia Pacific

Dr. Henry Chin leads CBRE’s investor thought leadership across all regions and oversees all research activity in Asia Pacific. After joining CBRE in 2014, Henry was promoted to CBRE’s Asia Pacific Strategic Group, the board which oversees CBRE’s strategic direction in the region, in 2016. From 2019-2020 he also served as Head of Research, EMEA. Henry has 20 years research experience in the Asia Pacific and Global real estate markets. He holds a BA in Land Economic and Administration from National Taipei University (Taiwan); an MSc in Real Estate from the University of Reading (UK) and a PhD in Real Estate Investment from Oxford Brookes University (UK).


John Sears | Cushman & Wakefield
Head of Research, Australia

John is passionate about property research, with over 20 years’ experience in property and financial markets in both Australia and across the globe. John joined Cushman and Wakefield's Australian Research Team as National Director, Research in 2016, and has a strong background in property research analysis and forecasting as well as investment strategy and economics. 



Tom Wallace | Re-Leased and CREDIA  
CEO and Founder

Tom Wallace is Founder and CEO of Re-Leased, the property management software company that helps thousands of owners and property managers across the world run their property business in the cloud. The company was founded in New Zealand in 2012, and has since expanded to Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. With a focus on mobile-first development, automation, and data insights, Re-Leased’s vision is to deliver cutting-edge technology benefits to the property management industry internationally. Tom is also founder of CREDIA by Re-Leased, a property intelligence platform and leading commercial real estate index which delivers greater transparency and insight into the health of the commercial real estate market. The CREDIA Index focuses on occupier performance, leasing trends and national averages to uncover market conditions across asset classes.



Sean Ellison | RICS
Senior Economist

Sean is responsible for the RICS Economics team’s research with a focus on the built environment in Asia Pacific as well as the Middle East and Africa. He launched the RICS Global Construction and Infrastructure Survey, the flagship thought leadership product for the RICS Economics team in 2018, which tracks market conditions in more than 30 countries worldwide. He has also been responsible for transforming the RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor, creating the Global Commercial Property Sentiment Index, and Hong Kong Residential Property Survey into the most comprehensive data gathering tools of their kind. In addition to frequent public speaking engagements, Sean also contributes economic updates to the profession as well as contributing to RICS advisory capacity to international policy organizations. He also publishes reports including Greater Bay Area: A 2030 Outlook, a collaboration with Colliers.