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Exclusive Webinar for UK Landlords

Building a Thriving Commercial Property Business. Essential Tech Tools for Success.

Featuring insights from three-generation landlords, Shellwin Real Estate, and the reputable accounting firm Beever & Struthers.

Learn the latest technological tools and strategies that UK landlords are implementing to reshape their commercial property portfolios:

  • How to streamline operations, lower risks and reduce the hidden costs of fragmented systems
  • The tools to improve the transparency and accuracy of your financial and operational metrics
  • How to enhance decision-making capabilities
  • How to drive tenant satisfaction and retention

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Our expert guests


Helen Shellabear
Managing Director, Shellwin Real Estate


Helen is a qualified Chartered Surveyor with broad experience in commercial property. She’s a passionate volunteer, mentoring young people and acting as a specialist advisor to the London Historic Buildings Trust & the Cornwall Community Foundation.

As the 3rd generation to run Shellwin, Helen is building on the reputation of stability, honesty, and innovation that she inherited. She’s focused on making Shellwin a force for good and feels that real estate should create cohesion in local communities. 


John Toon

Tech Strategy Lead, Beever and Struthers

John is the dynamic Tech Strategy Lead at Beever and Struthers, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape for both the firm and its esteemed clientele. 

With a passion for technology that is second to none, John empowers businesses to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Helping them to unlock their full potential of technology to drive success. 



Sam Caulton

CFO, Re-Leased

Sam has been involved in high growth B2B software businesses since 2015 and has successfully served as the strategic growth partner and trusted advisor to the CEOs at two global high-growth technology companies growing at +100% YoY.

With a passion for harnessing the potential of technology to propel business growth, efficiency and significant cost savings, Sam has become a guiding force in the industry.

Key Takeaways

Seamless Integration

Discover the magic of integrating Xero Accounting with Property Management Software. Understand why it's the cornerstone of today's successful property businesses.

Power of Interconnected Solutions

Learn how syncing your tools can lead to data-driven decisions, enhancing your strategic capabilities and improving operational efficiency.

Elevate Your Tenant Services

Gain insights on how to elevate your services, ensuring a competitive edge in the saturated market.