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The economy reopens and spending increases; can landlords expect to benefit?

A data-led discussion brought to you by expert panellists discussing real-time quarter-day rent collection data and offering guidance as to what this data indicates for commercial landlords. 

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About this webinar recording:

Our expert panellists, Myfanwy Neville, Partner and Head of Property at BKL and Tom Warrender, Partner and Head of Property at Wilson Browne Solicitors unpick rent collection statistics from the June quarter day 2021 and reflect on previous quarters and years. Myfanwy and Tom also dive into what the extension of the rent moratorium means for landlords and the panellists deliver advice about how commercial landlords can best use the data available.

Most commercial property data is fragmented and inaccessible leading to difficulties when trying to access information to make business decisions or to fully understand the market in real-time. Re-Leased's CREDIA dataset offers a solution to this as it has been collected, anonymised and aggregated from over 10,000 properties and 35,000 leases in the UK. The data does not rely on surveys or secondary collections which increases the validity of the data as its formation is a direct result of bank statement entries being matched and reconciled to rental invoices.



Our Expert Panellists

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Tom Warrender | Wilson Browne Solicitors
Partner and Head of Property

Tom is a member of the Commercial Real Estate Legal Association (CRELA) and he specialises in the acquisition and disposal of commercial property and land (and also a Member of the Agricultural Law Association) Tom acts for private individuals, pension funds, small businesses, national companies, banks, charities and social landlords on a wide range of legal matters from land acquisitions and developments as well as business leases, sales and purchases, lease renewals and extensions, through to larger commercial property and land transactions.

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Myfanwy Neville | BKL
Partner and Head of Property

Myfanwy is adept at helping to solve the complex problems facing property investors and developers. Taking a perceptive, thorough approach, Myfanwy builds strong relationships in the property industry and a range of other sectors. She blends a grasp of the details with an understanding of the bigger picture:  for each client, she is dedicated to making a difference. Myfanwy’s experience covers a variety of tax, accounting, audit advisory and commercial issues. She gives guidance to family groups with large property portfolios, overseas companies who own UK property and other property businesses.




Grace Thomson | Re-Leased and CREDIA
Technology Advisor

Led by a passion for finding cloud-based solutions to age-old problems, Grace educates the property industry about the evolution of technology within the sector. Grace leads Re-Leased's Partner network in the UK working with professional services firms to assist them to offer systems advisory advice to their clients.