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Sustainability in Australian  Commercial Real Estate.

Uncover the findings from the 2023 REIA Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Report.
Gain insight into the impacts for owners, occupiers and the real estate practitioners.

As Australia starts grasping the realities of a NetZero economy, there are few sectors affected in the same way as Australia’s $1 trillion commercial real estate sector.

Sustainability has emerged as a central pillar of the Australian commercial property industry, fundamentally altering the way businesses design, construct, operate and invest in real estate, and shaping the preferences of tenants and investors.

What are the challenges and strategies to assist occupiers, owners and investors on this journey.


  • Anneke Thompson, REIA research partner, Managing Director,
  • Tom Wallace, CEO & Founder, Re-Leased



Key findings

Sustainable space is still commanding a higher occupancy rate in all capital cities except Brisbane.
There will be five key components in considering Scope 3 that impacts on office space selection: Supply Chain Emissions, Commutes, Business Travel, Sold Products and End of Life Treatment Products.
Mid-term, owners can consider changing up strategies for Cleaning, Carbon Offsets and Adaptive Reuse.
Long term, there are 12 key adoption approaches that can be taken to improve commercial assets as we seek to transition to NetZero.

Meet our expert guests


Anneke Thompson

Managing Director, Clio Research  

Anneke Thompson is the founder and Managing Director of Clio Research. She has been providing research and consulting services to both domestic and offshore clients for more than 15 years. 

With a career in real estate agency research and finance, Anneke has formulated industry-leading data for many years, providing clients with evidence-based research and forecast.


Tom Wallace

CEO & Founder, Re-Leased
Tom Wallace is Founder and CEO of Re-Leased, the property management software company that helps thousands of owners and property managers across the world run their property business in the cloud.
With a background in commercial property development and investment, Tom is passionate about driving innovation in the industry. Re-Leased are proud partners of REIA