Your Guide to Transforming your Business with Property Technology (PropTech).


"86% of property managers and owners see digital and technology innovation as an opportunity"

Source: KPMG, 2018

In this guide we cover:

  1. Top Property Trends of 2018 and Beyond: The commercial property industry is facing unprecedented digital disruption. Discover the trends, movements, and opportunities being delivered in today’s changing real estate market - including what is PropTech and why does it matter.

  2. Learn What Your Competitors are Doing: Learn the tactics and best practice tips your peers are implementing to maximise productivity, drive revenue growth and gain competitive differentiation.

  3. How to Streamline your Technology Apps: Learn what you need to be looking for when evaluating cloud apps with our checklist.

  4. How to Boost Business Intelligence: Explore how to increase your business intelligence and learn the KPIs you need to be measuring. 


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