Your Most Important Assets: Your Properties or Your People?

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Attracting and retaining top talent comes from understanding your team's wants and needs.

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Perry Levine, Vice President of Business Development at Re-leased, was joined by Kristen Magni, Managing Partner of Advisory Services at hyrUP for our webinar: "Your Most Important Assets: Your Properties or Your People?" In this webinar, they discussed the importance of investing in the recruitment process, the lack of diversity in the commercial real estate sector, and why technology is such an important tool for retention and overall part of your business. 

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Recruiting talent should be an investment

"An organization is an investment. Finding talent and retaining talent are two uniquely different actions. People are out there and want to be found but organizations are typically underinvesting in their recruitment functions. You need to deploy the same level of effort that you use to attract investors as you do to attract people to work for your company."

-Kristen Magni, Managing Partner of Advisory Services, hyrUP

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in CRE

"Gen Z is the most diverse and integrated generation. They are purpose-driven and will be the first socially responsible generation. They will be thinking of equity as a business function. They will be looking at diversity and all the different types of people in the workplace as well as diversity in leadership when making decisions of joining the company.

Really interrogate your biases on what type of individual can be successful in your company. What biases do you have on who can be successful in the job and where do those come from?" 

-Kristen Magni, Managing Partner of Advisory Services, hyrUP

The importance of technology in the workforce

"I think digital literacy is one of the biggest failures of corporate America. I can go into most organizations and people don’t even know how to use all functionality of their Microsoft Outlook account.  People add technology because they think it will help them reduce headcount, but it should automate things that are redundant or administrative in nature so you can take your humans and put them into functions that are essential for them to do. Technology should be used to streamline, automate, and to help people do their jobs more efficiently."

-Kristen Magni, Managing Partner of Advisory Services, hyrUP


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Perry Levine, Vice President of Business Development - Re-leased

Perry Levine comes to Re-Leased with an extensive background in both the investment real estate industry and proptech. With a career spanning almost four decades, his experience includes accounting, property management, leasing, acquisitions, dispositions, financing (both debt and equity placement), development and brokerage. Investment vehicles include commercial (office, retail, industrial), residential (SFR, multifamily, mobile home parks), self-storage, parking lots, special use and recreational. Prior to joining Re-Leased, he successfully launched commercial solution platforms for Grace Hill and RealPage. At RealPage he was the Industry Principal for multiple solutions including Accounting, Commercial, and Valuation platforms. Additional proptech experience included positions at Yardi and Timberline (Sage CRE).

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Kristen Magni, Managing Partner of Advisory Services - hyrUp

Kristen Magni is the Managing Partner of Advisory Services with hyrUP, a DC Metro-base consulting firm specializing in human-centered change management and people strategy. Prior to hyrUP, Kristen was VP of Talent and Culture and head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at The Bozzuto Group, a privately held, real estate services company that specializes in Property Management, Construction, Development, and Homebuilding. Over her 9 1/2 years in the role, her work garnered numerous awards and national recognition. Kristen has deep experience in both leadership transformation and real estate and a proven track record of building progressive, inclusive, 'best in class' programs that deliver equitable outcomes for people and sustainable business results.