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The Guide to Liberating Yourself from Spreadsheets

Commercial Real Estate's Untapped Goldmine: How to eliminate spreadsheets & unlock the true value of your data

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This guide has been crafted to help your business move beyond spreadsheets and into the cloud once and for all. 

Working with industry leaders and disruptors, we have pooled our experience and expertise to give you the insights to truly leverage your data and reap the rewards. The intention of this guide is help give you the confidence to understand how cloud technology can help your business. 

This report includes:

  • Accurate valuations to work at speed
  • Driving greater business efficiencies 
  • Maximizing revenue & retention
  • Turning data into informed decisions
  • Streamlined onboarding of people & properties 
  • Tapping into a connected ecosystem


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Data validation

This data has been collected, anonymised and aggregated from over 10,000 properties and 35,000 leases in Australia. Re-Leased Software Company Ltd are confident in the validity of this data as its formation is a direct result of bank statements entries being matched and reconciled to rental invoices.

All data that has been aggregated for this report is in line with the following Re-Leased Terms and Conditions as at the time of publishing.