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Return to the Office:
The Future Now

The office as we know it is changing, as are our relationships with the spaces we work in. As the return to the office begins in earnest in London, we look at how this shift is going to affect two distinct groups: workers and property owners, developers, and asset managers.

Packed with insightful data from the CREDIA Index and the Metrikus Occupancy Index, expert opinions, and thorough analysis, we hope this report prepared by Re-Leased and Metrikus gives you actionable tips and food for thought to bring your office into the future, right now. 

With thanks to our contributors

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David Kaiser, Head of Real Estate for UK and Ireland at WeWork
Daryl Perry, UK Head of Insight at Avison Young
Caleb Dunn, Commercial Analyst at Re-Leased
Bengt Johannes Lundberg, CEO at Disruptive Technologies
Francesca Brady, CEO and Co-Founder of AirRated
Tom Wallace, CEO and Founder of Re-Leased 
Michael Grant, COO at Metrikus 
Tracy Wymer, Vice President of Workplace Strategy at Knoll
Antony Slumbers, Co-Founder of Real Innovation Academy
Andy Saull, Head of Research & Strategy at Pi Labs
Craig Seager, Sales Director UK MEA at Condeco
Adam Taylor, Chief Innovation Officer at AirRated

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