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Turning data into your most valuable asset

Why technology and data are vital for the recovery and growth of the commercial real estate sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and how to turn data into smart decisions.

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About this webinar

We invite you to join us to discuss how data can help the property industry adapt and grow. Our panellists include:

  • David Kaiser, Head of Real Estate for UK and Ireland at WeWork;
  • Sam Starling, Property Management Tech & Data Strategy Director for UK & EMEA, Savills;
  • Steven Kuhn, Director of Technology at Azets; and
  • Tom Wallace, CEO of Re-Leased.

With guest moderator:  Gemma Shah, Associate Director at ING Media.

The events of 2020 have proven disruptive right across the real estate industry. Data and technology are now more important than ever for understanding changing industry trends and business performance. We talk to industry leaders to understand how they are using data and technology to manage, protect and grow their company, as well as key trends surfacing from data-led market insights.

Our expert panellists will cover:

1. The renewed importance of data and technology 

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in uncertainty and volatility across commercial real estate. Landlords and agents have been forced to respond rapidly to the transformative landscape. It is vital to command a firm grip on your key business metrics and comprehend how you compare to the wider market. Our panellists will discuss how the role of data and technology has evolved in the real estate industry and the overarching trends they have seen following the COVID-19 crisis. 

2. How to successfully use data and technology

The number of real estate businesses adopting new technology and using data to manage their businesses has been rapidly growing following the COVID-19 crisis. Our panellists have been at the forefront of digital adoption, and have developed successful careers grounded in their ability to use and optimise data and technology in their businesses. 

We will uncover how the panellists have incorporated technology solutions to help them generate innovative business strategies. They will speak to the insights that can be drawn from data to mitigate risk and create value where their rivals have not.  

3. The role of data and technology in managing COVID-19 recovery and driving long-term business growth beyond the pandemic

Keeping your finger on the pulse has never been more important. We will walk through the key metrics panellists have been focusing on to calibrate their businesses, as well discussing their different experiences of the COVID-19 crisis. The panellists will be able to share how their technology capabilities have enabled them to manage their tenant relationships and wider business functions over the last 6 months.

The panellists will also cast their own long-term predictions for the industry and share how data and technology will enable them to be best positioned to capitalise on the evolving environment.



Webinar Panellists


David Kaiser | WeWork
Head of Real Estate UK and Ireland

David is the director of real estate transactions for Europe and Israel at WeWork. He is responsible for the expansion of WeWork across the region by negotiating leases and revenue share deals, working with landlords, external consultants and teams across WeWork to ensure business needs are met. This gives David a unique view of how WeWork thinks and operates, and how the market perceives WeWork and its incredible growth across Europe and Israel.


Sam Starling | Savills
Head of Technology and Data Strategy - Property Management EMEA at Savills

Samuel Starling leads the technology and data strategy for the property management division across EMEA at Savills. In his role, he is focused on maximising the benefits of Savills current technology solutions whilst looking for additional opportunities to evolve the business’ technology offering. Sam has experience in driving automation initiatives and process optimisation to create faster, more accurate and structured data that can be utilised to make more informed decisions.


Steven Kuhn | Azets
Director of Technology Solutions

With nearly 30 years experience implementing ERP and CRM solutions and a passion for creating simple yet effective client solutions, Steven Kuhn heads up the technology solutions division for Azets. Azets is an international accounting, tax, audit, advisory and business services company that believes in delivering a personal experience, both digitally and at your door.


Gemma Shah | ING Media
Associate Director

ING Media is the leading communications agency for the Built Environment. It is the only agency that can navigate the complex worlds of property, architecture, design, regeneration and culture to help brands, organisations and cities thrive in a connected world.


Tom Wallace | Re-Leased  
CEO and Founder

Tom Wallace is Founder and CEO of Re-Leased, the property management software company that helps thousands of owners and property managers across the world run their property business in the cloud. The company was founded in New Zealand in 2012, and has since expanded to Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. With a focus on mobile-first development, automation, and data insights, Re-Leased’s vision is to deliver cutting-edge technology benefits to the property management industry internationally.